Dental Social Media Marketing Services

Dentistry is an ever-evolving industry. While many have relied heavily on traditional marketing methods, there came a time when it just wasn’t as effective as it used to be. That’s because, now that we’ve reached 2020, we live in a world where social media has taken over. Nearly every new or recurring patient of yours is on some form of social media, so why aren’t you? And with lots of competition out there, it can be hard to make your dental practice stand out from the rest.

In this day and age, social media marketing has redefined the meaning of marketing. And while marketing efforts have changed over the years, we have too.

We’re Canadian Dental SEO and we’re a social media marketing agency in Toronto, Ontario who have helped many dentists across Canada improve their online presence, build their brand, and increase the quality leads that land on their website. How? By helping them establish their target audience and brand identity across multiple social media platforms.

Why Do Dentists Need To Start Using Social Media?

No matter how new or experienced your dental practice is, you need to utilize multiple social media platforms. Why? Because as we mentioned before, your patients are on social, so you should be too. Here’s why that matters:

You Can Connect With Them Better

As a dental practice owner, your number one priority is obviously the oral health of your patients, but you also have to be able to connect with them personally too. Since you only see your patients twice a year, a great way to keep them engaged or connected with you and your team is with social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram. Now, not only do you have the ability to respond to their questions or concerns over social platforms, but you can also collect valuable online reviews from them too, as well as share important industry-related or office news. Being able to connect with them in more ways can drastically increase their level of trust in you.

They Can Connect With You Better

Now that you’re even more easily accessible, your customers can look up your hours on your Facebook page, ask questions over Messenger, photos or videos, and even book an appointment right through your business page. It’s also a great way for potential patients to look at your profile and get to know the faces behind your business too. They’ll also appreciate how easy it is to contact you since they can use their mobile Facebook (and Messenger) and Instagram apps.

Attract New Patients & Retain Current Patients’ Attention

Social media is one of the best tools you can utilize to grow your practice. You can use your various social media platforms to share your knowledge and expertise through photos and informational videos, and post consistent high-quality and engaging content. This can encourage potential patients to trust you and your voice while also helping to retain the attention of your current patients. Social media also offers you the opportunity to collect referrals from your trusted long-term patients.

Establish Your Dental Authority

Whether you have a new or experienced dental practice, one of the best ways to showcase and demonstrate your knowledge in the field is by posting engaging content as mentioned above. Posting videos of you explaining your services, surgical techniques, what your patients can expect during their appointment, or even introducing your staff members is a great way to establish your brand and let your patients build a trusting relationship with you before even meeting you in person. Facebook or Twitter are also great platforms to share blog posts or articles you’ve written or were featured in.

What Should I Post On My Dental Facebook Page?

Posting content on Facebook should be done (at a minimum) three times a week. But what type of content do you post in the first place? How do you keep your patients engaged? Well, as dental social media marketing experts, we’ve gained a lot of valuable experience when it comes to knowing what recurring or new patients want to see on Facebook. This is why we handle this important aspect for our clients and assign them a dedicated social media account manager. Your account manager will be in charge of creating and publishing the posts, therefore, they’ll be writing high-quality content to go along with the professionally-shot photographs and videos you’ve provided us, or that we’ve shot for you. We never post content without your approval first.

However, if you have the time and want to manage your dental Facebook business page yourself, here are some content ideas to consider:

  • Interesting dental facts 
    • Example: “Did you know with the average amount of saliva you produce in your lifetime is enough to fill two swimming pools?” or “Did you know your tooth enamel is the hardest part of your whole body?”
  • Tips for maintaining your infant’s oral health
  • When to bring your toddler in for their first visit
  • Highlight any volunteering you’ve done in your community
  • Share any special events you’ll be a part of
  • Promote offers for students or first-time patients who will receive a discounted cleaning service
  • What to do if your tooth has been knocked out
  • How to maintain your oral health on vacation
  • Create a video for “our dentist’s at-home oral hygiene routine”
  • Before and after pictures of cosmetic treatments you’ve completed
  • Share office celebrations (like birthdays) or pictures of holiday decorations
  • Share pictures of your new and modern equipment or furniture
  • Use humour too (sparingly and professionally) that your younger audience will appreciate, like cartoon characters at the dentist or family-friendly memes/gifs
  • Debunk dental myths
    • Example: “Flossing isn’t necessary” or “Sugar is the only thing that causes cavities”

If you have Instagram, the same type of posts can be shared on there too, but remember, Instagram is more “photo-based”, therefore, your followers want to see more engaging photos rather than written content like on Facebook. Which brings us to the next question we get asked regularly.

What Type Of Content Should I Post On My Dental Instagram Page?

Instagram’s demographic is a bit different than Facebook. As the older generation is gravitating towards Facebook, the younger generation is relying more on platforms like Instagram. So, while you can share the same type of content as above on Instagram, tailor it so it’s geared more towards your younger followers. Take advantage of Instagram Stories too! One-third of all fully-watched Instagram stories are from a business. Get started with Instagram Stories by sharing things like:

  • Behind the scenes of the office
  • Employee takeovers – what do their daily tasks look like?
  • If you’re celebrating any birthdays, holidays, or even pregnancy announcements
  • A step-by-step guide to certain procedures, like how dental implants work, how braces are put on, or what a general cleaning will entail
  • How your equipment works
  • Team pictures of everyone dressed up for Halloween
  • Announce a giveaway and how to enter the contest
  • Do a questionnaire
  • Share funny videos of people waking up from anesthesia (but remember to keep it family-friendly)
  • Share before and after pictures if your office has been renovated

Our Social Media Marketing Services That Get Your Brand Heard

So, you’re ready to take your dental practice to the next level? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’re a social media marketing company that has a knack for helping dentists grow their practice by attracting new patients, increasing their online presence and helping them to establish brand authority. Not only is this done by helping them manage their social media accounts, but also by creating effective, high-quality Facebook and Instagram ads.

Facebook Ads For Dentists

Social media marketing tactics can be very powerful for dental clients, especially when it comes to Facebook ads. If your goals are to gain new patients, we have the ability to target a specific audience such as their age, gender, location, interests, and more. This makes it easy to target the right people at the right time. We have a team of advertising experts in-house who can carefully curate the content to ensure it’s of the highest quality and free of mistakes. Next, we’ll use imagery that we’ve captured ourselves or that you’ve provided to us. We also create mobile-friendly and desktop-friendly ads as Facebook has specifically stated more than 80% of their advertising revenue is from mobile users.

Instagram Ads For Dentists

Ad content on Instagram can come in a variety of different forms:

  • Photo Ads
    • The content that goes along with a photo ad needs to be creative and compelling while letting people know exactly what’s being advertised in the photo. We keep it clear and concise so your followers are never led astray.
  • Sponsored Ads
    • Sponsored ads appear on the user’s feed and include a link that takes them directly to the product or service they’re interested in. In your case, it can take them to a “book an appointment” page on your dental website.
  • Video Ads
    • Instagram’s video ads allow 30-60 seconds, so the video needs to be creative but to the point. We love using video ads because users retain more information from them than photos, making them more likely to convert to a paying patient.
  • Carousel Ads
    • Rather than just advertising one of your services, carousel ads offer the ability to promote multiple services. Users will be able to swipe through each of the photos where a link can be provided for them to book an appointment on your website.
  • IGTV Ads
    • This is the newest type of feature on Instagram. They can actually be full-length videos and not even necessarily act as “ads”. We can utilize this feature to post informational videos like “what to expect on your first visit”, “our values” or “take a tour of the office”.

Your One-Stop Social Media Marketing Shop

While Facebook and Instagram are the most popular social media platforms, they’re not the only ones we utilize for our dental clients who want to attract new patients to their practice and increase brand awareness. Twitter and LinkedIn are also great ways to stay in touch with your patients while sharing relevant and important content. Plus, the more platforms you have, the more online reviews you can collect to help you establish your practice’s credibility.

A lot of social media users turn to Twitter for news, therefore, this is a great opportunity to share important dental-related news, retweet valuable information from other industry professionals, show your support for various organizations (or even worldwide trends), and follow accounts within your community, other dentists, and companies that make the equipment you use.

LinkedIn is a perfect social media platform for business professionals and offers them the ability to network with other dentists who may have a referral for them, particularly if their office doesn’t offer a service that they do. It can also be used for recruiting purposes and searching for the next perfect employee to join your dental team.

Let’s Get Started & Build Your Brand Today

If you’re now convinced you require a social media marketing strategy, it’s time to reach out to our Canadian Dental SEO team today. We specialize in social media marketing, SEO, web design, PPC, web hosting, and more, for dentists who want to increase their brand awareness, grow their practice, and attract quality leads to their website. We’re passionate about social media marketing and have years of valuable experience assisting other dentists all over Canada with their marketing needs so they can reach their business goals.

If you’d like to be sent case studies beforehand, let us know and we’d be more than happy to oblige.